Movie ta-ime: Review of The Shallows (Starring Blake Lively)

With the release of 47 Meters Down Snapchat sent me a number of shark thrillers to catch up on. Yeah, bring on more movies to watch while I do nothing else in my pajama  pants, in my bed, all day.

So, naturally, like the curious cat that I am I watched The Shallows online. I watched it on in case you were wondering because I know I had to struggle a lot because I was a little silly when it came to watching movies online, frankly. Puerile, honestly. My best friend told me about this one and it was awesome so here’s to you having an awesome time because I have an amazing best friend.

As far as a thriller goes, the movie was pretty awesome and I was not disappointed. Blake Lively looks amazing but that is the whole point, they haven’t shown her as Lively. She lives her character quite fantastically. The story is unique and is refreshing to see in a world where shark movies are always too gory and weird with people being dragged into the ocean as the last of it. Zwoop! there they go into the ocean and there’s nothing left to watch… Excluding maybe one kid who survives.

It was similar and yet so strikingly unique too! It was brilliantly written and executed too. I just wish I had not felt nauseous during the execution of some scenes.

The Shallows was different. There was some very prominent gore and it made me sick, literally. But it was not predictable and suspense was delivered were it was due, which was extremely rewarding. Blake lived her role and made me feel like I was living through the character’s pain. Brilliant acting. A+ there, Lively. I also found out that she did several stunts on her own and she actually broke her nose and the blood on her face in one scene was her own blood!

I was expecting it to be pretty stereotypical but this movie fought odds when it came to that and I have no doubts about it being a good film. It might not be one of those movies that you can watch again and again but it is a good film and I could watch it again.

So the conclusive review ( I am hoping you didn’t skip to here just because you had no time… Come on be cool man!! At least read some parts of it!) is that the movie is surely an amazing watch, specially for shark movie lovers.  Trust me, I am pretty sure you’ll like it! I know people have their own preferences but still..!! This one is worth it, kiddo.

Shark it, loves.

-The Raven


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