‘What’s in my bag?!’- My YouTuber voice.

Hello and welcome to the sweet life of having a purse..!!

Dear people, it is common knowledge that people(more accurately women) carry a butt-load of things in their bags ranging from a lip gloss to a chihuahua. If you weren’t aware of that, you probably need a hepatitis shot.

For me, my purse( bag or backpack even) has been my safe haven and knowing that I have everything I would ever need in any sort of emergency is right there with me is one of the most essential securities in the world.

I’ve seen countless what’s in my bag(/purse) videos on YouTube and I am addicted to watching them. It’s just one of those things you keep on watching without any enthusiasm, whatsoever, to do something about your bag. Plus I don’t feel guilty whatsoever, but I still consider this genre of the beauty guru empire to be counted as a guilty pleasure.

Okay OKAY..!! I can’t wait to get started anymore…!! Let’s skip the yappadoodle and get right into it..!!

I feeling like adding bullets instead of numbers here… What I use my gut instinct for. #LazyAndWeird.

Okay I don’t know how you get the bullets here. Dang it, numbers it is.

  1. My phone: Honestly losing this would make me cry like there’s no tomorrow because my phone is my one true love. It is there for me when no one else has the time… Or is available. It gives me access to unlimited internet (its buddy wifi helps there) doggo videos, cute puppers and endless make up videos and a lot of Tumblr, Instagram, Snapchat(Which I mostly use to make myself laugh).
  2. At least 2 phone cases: I have this phone case fetish that is weird and I know it is but I can’t help carrying an extra phone case in case I need to switch it up according to the company I am in or maybe I’m just not feeling the phone cover on my phone at that  moment. I know it’s weird but it’s an aspect of my personality and weird is a word that qualifies and makes a number of reappearances when it comes to me.  IMG_7156[1]
  3.  A small notebook: I need to write things down, especially things that are important and significant for Me, in order to want to develop a strong incentive to work towards it. Trust me, it makes me a hundred times more productive and I feel inspired by writing it down knowing that I might actualise it from 2D on paper to a 5D in reality.  The one I have right now has Mona Lisa on its cover and I adore it because Da Vinci is one of my idols and I love art and how mysterious Mona Lisa is. A twisted thing I’m into… Wouldn’t be the first. IMG_7157[1]
  4. A big notebook: I keep a bigger notebook in my purse because I like sketching and in case I need a bigger canvas to draw my masterpieces on.                                              IMG_7158[1] Yeah… Moving on.
  5. Tissue: I might see a cute doggo or a pupper and want to wipe away my tears of happiness or I might need it because I sweat profusely or maybe because I  actually have a face that looks like a glazed doughnut.  You never know when you might need tissue… Also it’s an essential because I eat like an animal.
  6. Lip balm: I usually carry an organic skin friendly lip balm with me or a nice one with some SPF in it because my lips kiss my doggie and I want them to be soft and luscious and there is nothing wrong with having nice healthy soft lips. ;*                      I have been using the Baby Lips but one thing I’ve noticed with the Maybelline baby lips is that your lips start craving it and become super chapped if you don’t constantly keep reapplying it. I am a lazy no fuss no muss kind of girl and I hate excess work. So I wouldn’t recommend this a 100%. I think EOS lip balms are a much better choice. Although a little bit on the pricier side, so the cheap truck( a bad word that rhymes with it)  that I am… I haven’t bought it yet.
  7. Hand cream: My hands turn into zombie hands with cracks and crevices and I need hand cream in order to feel like I have human hands even if my heart is not human. My skin gets scary dry which is why I always have hand cream on hand because in that case I can never go wrong, fellas!  Got this one from Primark in Amsterdam when I went there for the summer holidays. It’s super affordable and smells fantastic. IMG_7159[1]
  8.  A book: Well, this one’s no surprise. For the completion of 20 years since the first Harry Potter book was published, I’ve been carrying the Philosopher’s Stone with me.
  9. A hand sanitiser: Self explanatory.
  10. A pen: I do have notebooks with me so this one’s pretty obvious.
  11. A highlighter: Might seem weird but I like to highlight things in my books, it could be something very funny or very well written. I always carry this.
  12. Sunglasses: I bought some handy ones from H&M because I, being the klutz that I am, keep losing them or breaking them and I can’t afford to carry breakable, pricey ones in my bag.
  13. A snapback: I have very weird and severe bad hair days that need cover ups. My snapbacks are concealers of the hair world, ladies and gentlemen!
  14. My Wallet: Well, honestly, my wallet is super cute and it has some cash, my ids, cards (the mostly useless membership cards that I usually have no use for), along with some band aids because I notice wounds on my body that my brain must’ve forgotten to sense, later on.
  15. A red lipstick: Sometimes I just feel it and on other days I use a little bit of it to give my pale lips a tinge of colour. I’ve been a faithful user of the Kate Moss 101, ever since its invention. Zoella recommended it to me and it was one of the best suggestions I took to action.
  16. A portable charger: I prefer using my phone to human interaction, which is why I need to charge it way more often than any other person would like to actually… I’ve become quite shameless about it too.
  17. Oil absorbing sheets: I don’t like looking like a glazed doughnut.
  18. Deodorant: Don’t want the stench of my soul to creep into my body and make it reek. Plus, you really can’t go wrong with feeling good about yourself if you smell nice.
  19. Perfume: I carry the little portable ones you can stack in your handbag. The roll ons, what’s not to love about them.
  20. Headphones: Helps me avoid interaction, hence a must.
  21. Breath-spray: I just love the minty-ness it provides
  22. Chewing gum: For when I need to stay awake and caffeine is not at hand.
  23. Wet wipes: A must, specially when I tend to resemble a glazed doughnut.
  24. Accessories: Rings and necklaces are my thing. I love them and I always love keeping some at hand in case I need to switch it up.
  25. Hair ties and a scrunchie: Because it might get hot outside and sometimes I just want to get my hair away from my face.                                                                                  Placeholder Image Ending this day’s blog with an aesthetic picture of food because why not? Also, like it and share it please..!! it would make my day and split my face into a huge smile..!!

Love yourselves, weird as you might be. ❤ My glazed Doughnut-y face says hi..!!

-The Raven


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